Reve: Lusitanian-Gallaecian thunder God

In my first post about the Iberian Gods, I thought it'd be fitting to start with Reo (or Reve), the God of the sky and thunder of the Lusitanians and Gallaecians. For Reo and all the other deities, I will analyse their etymology with the help of the sources and studies we have available and … Continue reading Reve: Lusitanian-Gallaecian thunder God

Viriathus: From shepherd to legendary hero

When people think about great European tribal chiefs, it usually comes to their minds leaders like Arminius, Vercingetorix, Ambiorix or even Boudica. Very few, however, outside of the Iberian Peninsula, know about Viriathus (or Viriato in the Iberian languages). In this post, I will write about his life, while also clearing all misconceptions most people … Continue reading Viriathus: From shepherd to legendary hero