The Lusitanian Language

This article will be about the long extinct Lusitanian language. While we know very little about it, some very interesting findings have been made, which we are going to discuss in this post. I also intend to help demystify all rampant misconceptions about this ancient language which appear on the internet and by word of … Continue reading The Lusitanian Language

Ataegina: Goddess of the Underworld

In this post, I bring you a deity who was, certainly, one of the most important to the ancient Lusitanians, Vettonians, Celtici and Gallaecians. Her name is Ataegina, a goddess with many functions, but best known as the Lady of the Underworld. As always, if you want to share your own thoughts, please use the Contact section … Continue reading Ataegina: Goddess of the Underworld

Trebaruna: Lusitanian-Vettonian home Goddess

Trebaruna was worshiped by the Lusitanians and Vettonians, two neighbouring tribes who spoke an ancient Indo-European Pre-Celtic language in Western Iberia. Usually associated with the protection of the home and family, she has other important functions that I shall discuss in this post. As always, if you want to share your own thoughts, please use … Continue reading Trebaruna: Lusitanian-Vettonian home Goddess